Light & Darkness

The world holds both light and darkness and would not be complete without either. It’s the darkness that brings meaning to light. Like our eyes which adapt while moving from light to darkness or vice versa, our brains do the same. You cannot underestimate the power of an inspirational film over a tragic story telling. But tragedy has its own power, like the darkness, because it’s the darkness that lights up everything else.

I have stories in my head, the stories about light and darkness. I started making films without a camera. I chose to shoot the images in my head when my life could not afford much distractions. But then if you can’t choose, what does it mean to have a free soul anymore?

I feel like very near to the point where I’ll have to make some serious decisions about my life and what I want to do with it but until then I want to make whatever I can. At least that’s the part of plan to carry on for as long as I can, and feed this soul. But before I end, I want to shoot the images that make up a story of my head, the stories about light and darkness. I want to make something that only I can make, and I want my work to exist because I did that and no one else would have done that if I didn’t.



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